antiSlip.io stands for anti-slip indoors and outdoors. RechSand flexible stone hanging plate is breathable, fireproof, waterproof, soundproof and also anti-slip, while RechSand filter paver not only filters impurities in the water but also anti-slip, combining both products, RechSand provides an area that is low in slip and fall liability. Great for public pool area, senior housing, especially within kitchens and bathrooms. This website is also home of both filterPaver.com , filterPavement and sandBuilding.com domains.

The main performance indicators of RechSand filter pavers are:
(1) Compressive strength: 30 MPa to 60 MPa (4,351 PSI to 8,702 PSI)
(2) Water permeability: ≥1.5mL/(min·cm2);
(3) Frost resistance: After 75 freeze-thaw cycles, the compressive strength loss rate is ≤ 20%;
(4) Wear resistance: the length of the grinding pit is ≤ 35mm.

The general greenbelt runoff coefficient is between 0.15 and 0.2, and it is below 0.15 with our filter pavers. Meaning, during a pouring rain of 40 mm per hour without much runoff. Please view our videos or contact us for live demos.

RechSand is an innovative enterprise specializes in products made of desert aeolian sand. Based on the size and shape of the silica grain, we apply patented methodologies to change the surface characters of the sand into traits that are designed for different products. With over 20 years of experiences, our products are not only unique but successful in multiple industries. We developed several websites just to serve different groups of clients better. Please click NAVIAGE menu to learn the differences.

We appreciate your comments and we’d like to work with you no matter where you are!