Rechsand Filter Paver vs Pavement

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Introduction to sand-based prefab Filter Paver

Rechsand Filter Paver is the core component of the rainwater expert system. It is permeable brick with micro-scale pores made from aeolian sand from the desert of Inner Mongolia through micro-particle full coating, interface modification and sintering-free forming technology. The permeable performance of this Filter Paver is more than 6 times that of ordinary ceramic or concrete permeable bricks.

Prefab hybrid model: Rechsand filter top and permeable concrete base, provides best price-performance ratio

Prefab solid model 1 & 2: provide best strength and psi value


Prefab colors

Prefab sizes (customizable)

Prefab Installation Requirements as PICP

Prefab Interlocking Patterns

Prefab Filter Paver cases: Shanghai World Expo/Beijing Olympic Water Cubic/Olympic National Stadium/Beijing Street Renovation, etc.


Introduction to the onsite Filter Pavement

(deployable onsite as permeable concrete/porous asphalt)

The new Filter Pavement is a new ecological and environmentally friendly pavement independently developed by Rechsand. The rainwater can infiltrate quickly into the ground, effectively replenish groundwater, alleviate the urban heat island effect, balance the urban ecosystem. The ground can be warmer in winters and cooler in summers; It absorbs water in rainy season, melts snow in winter, reduces dust, noise, increases the comfort of urban living; low cost of on-site paving process, short construction period, custom design, can be quickly refurbished at low cost.

Sand-based filter pavement features

★ Permanent anti-clogging: micro-scale pores permeate water by destroying the surface tension of water, and permanently prevent high-efficiency water filtration;

★ Ultra-fast paving: professional equipment can be laid thousands of square meters per day, no secondary reversal, construction waste is zero;

★ Personalized customization: no need to open the mold, color customization, pattern paving, landscape integration, to achieve creative pavement;

★Super cost-effective: the overall formation of the base layer, the first layer of the surface layer, the end of the use cycle, low-cost rapid renovation;


New onsite Filter Pavement case

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