Filter Paver – Hybrid Type

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Filter Paver – Hybrid Type

The advantages of Rechsand Filter Paver:

(1) Fast water permeability: The water permeability of Rechsand Filter Paver is superb. It can reach 780 kg of water per square meter per hour. We have experienced severe rainstorm in Beijing torrential rain at 7/21 (worse in 60 years). There was no stagnant water in the Olympic underground plaza where our pavers were laid.

(2) Long product life span: The principle of Rechsand Filter Paver is “breaking the surface tension of water”. The surface of the paver is very dense and is not easily blocked by dust. The permeability can reach over 30 years! It is 10 times that of the ordinary permeable brick.

(3) Anti-clogging: The pores of the brick is micron-sized, and very easy to clean.

(4) Anti-freeze and thaw: Filter Paver has small capillaries and fine pores. The volume of water is much less than regular permeable bricks, the dispersion is wide, and the expansion is minimized, so the brick is not easy to be frozen.

B. Rechsand binding technology make the Filter Paver tough.

C. The capillary inside Filter Paver is evenly distributed, each single pore has small diameter and no stress concentration.

(5) Anti-stress: Rechsand Filter Paver can withstand the weight of a 100 tons truck.

(6) Super wear-resistant: The main raw material of Filter Paver is aeolian sand. It is a hard point formed by millions of years of wind and sand grinding. It is bound by special technology and has the wear resistance like a grinding wheel.

(7) With water filtration function: Filter Paver has water filtering effect while permeable, and can filter large particles of impurities in rainwater from the paver.

(8) Recyclable material: Rechsand has developed sand recycling equipment that can make old Filter Paver into new ones.

(9) No-sintering: This technology consolidate Filter Pavers at room temperature, and the production is completed with only a small amount of energy.

(10) Part of rainwater harvesting system: Filter Paver is the key components of the Rechsand rainwater harvesting system used to collect, purify and store the rainwater.

The water permeability of Rechsand Filter Paver is 20 times higher than the industry standard.

The color and texture are varied.


The surface is very dense and micron-sized.


Filter Paver success stories:

The water cube square is paved with the Filter Paver


Front Square of China Pavilion at Shanghai World Expo


Ministry of Science and Technology of China