Filter Paver – anti-slip Indoors and Outdoors

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Filter Paver – anti-slip Indoors and Outdoors

Our filter paver is different from other permeable pavers. Because of its filtering capability, it can be implemented in many different applications while the others are only great for recharging underground water. Explore the possibilities…

Conventional Permeable PaversRechsand Filter Pavers
Murky water flows through easilyMurky water gets filtered
Open pores require frequent vacuums to clear blockage by mudSmooth surface can be cleaned easily by hosing
Icing cracks paver during winter seasonsSmall amount of residual water in paver isn’t harmful
Questionable strengthSuperior binding technology improves load limit
Limited color and size optionsColorful patterns available and various paver designs for building a sponge city</td


When combining with our Water Saving Sand, you can build projects like Water Dungeon.

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