Sand-based Water-permeable Material

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Sand-based Water-permeable Material

(A) technical introduction and scope of application
Sand-based water-permeable material takes desert aeolian sand as raw material and has no-sintering process for extrusion molding, has the function of permeable water filtration and energy saving and environmental protection; the water surface tension is changed to be permeable to water and the surface is dense; the conflict between strength and water permeability is solved; Based on the permeability of high strength materials, water fast; not easy to be blocked by dust, with long-lasting water permeability, you can do it without rain and snow does not freeze; can be made of stone style, taking into account the appearance of large body size beautiful At the same time to ensure the strength of sand-based permeable materials can be recycled recycling.
Scope of application: sand-based permeable brick and sand-based filter stone suitable for sidewalks, squares, corridors and other non-motorized road pavement; sand-based permeable curb for road surface, road boundaries and road rainwater collection diversion trough.
(B) technical measures
1, performance indicators
Table 1 sand-based permeable brick

Serial NumberTest ItemsStandard Requirement
1Compression strengthCc30 level, Cc40 level, Cc50 level, Cc60 level
2Permeability rate≥1.5 mL/(min·cm2
3Grind pit length≤35mm
4Freeze thaw resistance (25 freeze-thaw cycles)ExteriorNo shortage of edges, cracks, stratification, color and so on
Compression strength loss≤20%

Note: The standard requirement in Table 1 is the industry standard “sand-based permeable brick” JG / T 376-2012.

Table 2 sand-based perforation curb performance

Serial Number Test ItemsStandard Requirement
1Compression strengthaverage value≥25MPa
2Flexural strengthaverage value≥3.0MPa
3Permeability rate≥1.5 mL/(min·cm2
4Freeze thaw resistance (25 freeze-thaw cycles)ExteriorNo shortage of edges, cracks, stratification, color and so on
Compression strength loss≤20%
5Salt resistance (mass loss of ND25 cycles)≤0.5kg/m2

Note: The standard requirements in Table 2 are the enterprise standard “sand-based permeable curb” Q / RCSTH0004-2016 (Enterprise Standard Information Public Service Platform, filing time: April 18, 2016).

2, technical characteristics
(1) sand-based permeable material recyclable recycling, high strength, fast water permeability, long-lasting water permeability.
(2) sand-based permeable brick (shown in Figure 1) is suitable for pavement pavement, plaza, corridor, slow lane, parking lot and other pavement.
Sand-based permeable curbs can be divided into linear, arc-type two (as shown in Figure 2). Taking into account the large amount of rainwater runoff on both sides of the road, in order to ensure the timely discharge of rainwater, according to the design requirements, laying within a certain range of sandstone-based permeable curbs with voids or pebbles filled.

用于页面美化的图片 用于页面美化的图片 用于页面美化的图片

Sand-based permeable bricks and straight sand-based permeable curbs

用于页面美化的图片 用于页面美化的图片 用于页面美化的图片

Arc-based sand-based permeable curbs, interstitial sand-based permeable curbs, filled sand-based permeable curbs,
Figure 1 sand-based permeable brick, sand-based permeable curbs

3, application points
Sand-based permeable material construction nodes are as follows:

用于页面美化的图片 用于页面美化的图片

Sand-based permeable brick non-load-bearing structure and sand-based permeable brick load-bearing structure


Sand-based permeable materials related to the design of the project should meet the rainwater discharge planning, rainwater utilization requirements, and with road design, drainage design, pipeline design and other professional coordination.
Sand-based permeable material should not be constructed in winter, such as the construction must be the appropriate technical support measures.
The specific design and construction requirements of sand-based permeable materials should meet the standard of China Engineering Construction Association “CECS 381: 2014”.
(C) promote the reason
Sand-based permeable materials are advanced technology, sustainable development, national and industry standards coverage, promotion in recent years is better, with a certain scale effect. The Department of Technology to promote the use of sidewalks, squares, corridors, slow lane, parking lots and other permeable ground pavement.
(D) standards, Atlas, work method or patent, winning
“Sand-based permeable bricks” JG / T376, “Rainwater Control and Utilization Project (Building and Community)” 15BS14, “Silicone sand and rainwater using engineering technical regulations” CECS 381 ,, “Sand-based permeable brick construction and acceptance procedures” CECS244, Composite pervious bricks and for the production of composite pervious brick surface mixture “and other patents, Beijing Science and Technology Award (2011) and other awards.
(E) reference case
Beijing Olympic venues around the square, Zhongnanhai State-run area, the Olympic Water Cube demonstration project, Shanghai World Expo China Pavilion South Square, the Ministry of Science and Technology Plaza, Tianjin Eco-city, Hefei Cuiwei Square, Harbin Ji-pole roads and other projects.

Table 3 Representative Project Cases

Application NameApplication areasApplication product nameApplication volume



(From user report to prove)

Beijing New Austrian Group Co., Ltd.Olympic venues around the squareSand-based permeable brick6000Sand-based water permeable brick with high water permeability and anti-clogging function, experienced multiple strong rainfall test
Beijing Haidian District Construction CommitteeOld area permeable pavementSand-based permeable brick

Sand-based permeable curbs

510000Anti-clogging water permeable effect is remarkable, water quality is good, after many heavy rains did not occur runoff water;
Inner Mongolia Zhenglan Banner Live Development BureauPermeable pavementSand-based permeable brick

Sand-based permeable curbs

100000Withstands the severe cold at -30 ° C, no frosting and chafing phenomenon is found, water permeability is good, snowmelt fast, and good non-slip effect
Hefei Economic Development Zone in Anhui ProvincePermeable pavementSand-based permeable brick

Sand-based permeable curbs

Silicone sand pool cover

100000Effectively prevent the expansion of clay clogging, after many heavy rain test, found no runoff water, long-term water storage effect